October 21, 2020
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Office anxiety: 43% of Wicklow workers worried about returning to their desks – survey

Wicklow is worried … 43% of workers say they are anxious about the risk of exposure to Covid-19 on returning to the workplace, according to a new survey.

Two-thirds are also concerned about the lack of additional mental health supports being offered by their employers while the pandemic remains at large.

The Matrix Recruitment Return to Work Survey tracked the views of almost 900 adults in Ireland and found that 65% of those in employment have returned to the workplace, while 35% are still working from home.

Of those that continue to work from home, 43% do not know when they will return to the workplace, indicating that employers may still be putting preparations in place or simply be waiting longer given the fluidity of the situation and newfound rising levels of Covid-19 cases.

42% of survey respondents say that will not be returning until early 2021, while a third will be back in the workplace before Christmas. 6% have been told that they will continue to work from home on a permanent basis.

Of the workers who are back in the workplace already, almost one in three (31%) were not happy about returning, with the majority (69%) saying that they were feeling anxious about the potential exposure to COVID-19.

46% of those who would prefer to continue working from home reported feeling anxious about being back in the office or workplace.

Unsurprisingly, work/life balance was one of the reasons for not being happy with a return to the workplace since the lifting of restrictions, with 38% stating they had a better work/life balance when working from home.

Of those still working from home, the majority (58%) would like to work from home permanently.

The survey was conducted online by Matrix recruitment among 872 adults in Ireland, over a week-long period in August 2020.

Matrix Recruitment is a national recruitment firm with offices in Dublin, Waterford, Athlone and Carlow.


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