March 9, 2021
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That’s a lot of hamburgers: McDonald’s says it contributes €3.1m to Wicklow economy

That’s a lot of hamburgers … McDonald’s contributed €3.1m in 2017 to the local economy and employed 100 people in Wicklow, the fast food company claims.

The firm has launched its first economic impact report called ‘McDonald’s in Ireland’, which it say highlights its contribution to the country.

The McDonald’s franchisees in Wicklow are local businesspeople Amir Afsar and John Gallagher who operate stores in Bray and Arklow.

“This report highlights the positive impact McDonald’s has in Wicklow and indeed on a national scale,” Mr Gallagher said.

“While McDonald’s is a global brand, the franchise model means we are a collection of small local businesses who are embedded in our communities.

“I am proud to support local jobs and the local economy in Wicklow and will continue to have an active role in the community.”

The new report claims that in addition to the money it brings to the local economy in Wicklow, it also pumps more than €196m in total into the national economy.

McDonald’s also says that it employs 100 people in its two restaurants in Wicklow while it exports €1.2m worth of produce purchased by McDonald’s from suppliers in Wicklow.

The report claims the €3.1m contributed directly to the local economy in Wicklow is through restaurant activity, employee salaries and its contribution to the national exchequer.

McDonald’s is one of the largest purchasers of Irish beef by volume, working with over 1,200 farmers in the country who supply beef to all McDonald’s restaurants in Ireland, it claims.

McDonald’s also says it is one of the largest employers in the country, with 5,942 people employed in 95 restaurants and its head office.

Young people under the age of 22 represent over 40% of McDonald’s workforce in Ireland, and for many, McDonald’s is their first full-paid job, allowing them to kick-start their careers.

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