April 12, 2021

150 tonnes of illegal rubbish recovered from Wicklow beauty spots

Some 150 tonnes of illegal rubbish were recovered from some of the beautiful scenic spots in county Wicklow last year.

The huge volume of rubbish was collected from the Wicklow/Dublin uplands by volunteers working with the environmental project, Pure.

It is also the third consecutive year the group has seen a reduction in illegal dumping in the upland region and the lowest amount of dumping they’ve collected since the Pure Truck started on the road back in 2007.

Pure is the first project of its kind in Ireland and works with a number of statutory and non-statutory organisations and stakeholders, including: the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment, Wicklow County Council, Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council, South Dublin County Council, Coillte, National Parks & Wildlife Service, and the Wicklow Uplands Council. This partnership project to combat illegal dumping in the Wicklow/Dublin Uplands was launched back in September 2006.

Pure manager Ian Davis said: ‘The Pure partnership approach, incorporating statutory and non-statutory organisations, and members of the public, has proven extremely successful in combating illegal dumping in the Wicklow/Dublin Uplands and over the past three years we have recorded an annual reduction in illegal dumping activity.  This reduction in dumping is a direct correlation with the increase of Pure Mile areas.

“The Pure Mile makes a huge difference to the environment, especially in areas that are affected by littering and illegal dumping. Pure Mile volunteers have totally transformed the upland regions and because of their dedication, determination, and enthusiasm, they have not only reduced illegal dumping, but in some areas, eliminated the problem.

“A huge amount of progress has been made since Pure was establishment, however, there is absolutely no room for complacency, and it is vital that we continue to monitor the situation, or, we will see a return to the old days.”

Pure has collected more than 3,500 tonnes of rubbish from over 11,000 illegal dumping sites in the Wicklow/Dublin Uplands over the past decade. If you were to put all this rubbish into standard household rubbish bags it would be enough to fill over 400,000 bags. If you lined up each of the bags the group has removed from the landscape, they would stretch all the way from Dublin to Dingle.

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