September 28, 2021

Purple patch: Cancer support charity find their forever home!

At last, a little bit of good news … Purple House Cancer Support have announced that they have purchased a permanent base in Bray.

The new premises, on Duncairn Terrace in Bray, will provide private rooms, a rehabilitation gym and recreational area, a dedicated children’s area, dedicated rooms for cancer survivorship and education programmes, a much bigger drop-in space and a garden where families can spend time together.

A statement on their Facebook said: “After many long months of hard work and 30 years of Purple House in operation, we are delighted to show you the location of the new permanent Purple House Cancer Support Centre at Duncairn Tce in Bray!

“The new Centre will be a Community Centre for the whole Community and will have somewhere for children to play with other kids who have lost mammy or daddy, granny or grandad, or who are living with cancer in their family.

“Somewhere for parents, children and loved ones to attend counselling sessions, sit in a beautiful garden with new friends, enjoy the relaxing therapy of a massage, or simply have a private room where they can grieve in peace.”

In December, it was reported how the HSE had written to the charity with the news that funding for the new base could not be guaranteed.

At the time, Veronica O’Leary, Director of Services at Purple House, told “Purple House are extremely disappointed with this news.

“However we will not let it stop us with our plans to create a permanent Cancer Support Centre that will serve the needs of thousands of Cancer patients today and for future generations.”



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