June 15, 2021

More than 55 children in State care in Wicklow have no social worker

Fifty-seven children living locally in the care of the state have not been allocated a social worker.

This represents one in every eight children in Wicklow who require assistance from the Family and Child agency Tusla, going without a dedicated social worker.

The Wicklow West/Dublin South West Tusla region has one of the highest proportion of children in state care, living without a dedicated social worked – out of the 18 Tusla regions in the state just three regions had a higher proportion.

These stunning figures were revealed in the latest National Performance and Activity report from Tusla, the Child and Family Agency for November 2019.

The report reveals the two sides of a coin when it comes to Wicklow’s Tusla regions. The Wicklow /Dublin South East is one of the best performing regions in the country when it comes to allocating social workers to children.  Just 18 children are awaiting a social worker out of 258 children in care, or just one in 14 children waiting.

The Wicklow West/ Dublin South West is vastly different with 57 children waiting to be allocated a social worker out of a total of 423 kids in care, or one in seven children.

Nationally, 495 children have not been allocated a social worker out of the 5,971 children in state care.

Tusla say some of these cases of children without social workers are being dealt with on an “active” or a “duty” system. This means that there are actions being undertaken by a dedicated duty team or rotating social workers on a duty roster to progress the protection and welfare of the child.



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