July 24, 2021
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A wee drop: Wicklow residents asked to conserve water during dry spell

Wicklow residents are being asked to remember to conserve water as the county experiences a prolonged period of dry weather.

“Wicklow County Council wishes to advise members of the public to please conserve water, where possible over the weekend,” a statement says.

“Irish Water and Wicklow County Council are asking the public, both householders and businesses to help in maintaining vital water and wastewater services by conserving water, where possible. 

“In particular, non-domestic customers are asked to turn off all non-essential water in buildings which are not going to be in use for a period of time, including, for example, the automatic flushing of urinals. Domestic users are asked to refrain from using hose pipes for watering gardens/ washing cars etc. 

Irish Water is also appealing to the public to check for and report leaks to 1850 278 278.”

People are also remined that recycling facilities at Bray, Wicklow, Arklow, Avoca and Rampere are open this Saturday and on weekdays while the Wicklow Community Call helpline service continues to operate over the weekend  during the hours of 8.00am to 8.00pm at 1800 868 399 or email covidsupport@wicklowcoco.ie.

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