January 23, 2021
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Aldi seeks 16 new staff for its four stores in county Wicklow

Supermarket giant Aldi Ireland is looking for new staff to bolster its headcount at its four stores in county Wicklow.

Aldi is seeking to recruit 16 new employees to its Wicklow operation.

The supermarket chain also announced that it is increasing its minimum wage rate to match the Living Wage Technical Group’s recommended rate of €12.30 per hour.

It will be the first retailer to implement the new Living Wage, reaffirming its position as Ireland’s highest paying supermarket. The new rate will be effective from February 1. Aldi Store Assistants will earn up to €14.10 per hour.

The retailer is planning to recruit 550 new staff across its 140 stores nationwide in this year.

Aldi regional Managing Director Donald Mackay said: “We are seeking to recruit 16 new employees this year for our stores in Wicklow. We need the very best people to join the Aldi team to help us continue to deliver the highest level of customer service and lowest grocery prices in Ireland.”

“We plan on hiring 550 new employees nationwide this year to join the Aldi Ireland team and contribute to our growth and success. Our expanding store portfolio, market performance and new Project Fresh stores demand that we continue to future proof our business with the best people in retail.”

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