January 18, 2021

Biodiversity Scavenger Hunt could be the perfect way to occupy kids in Wicklow this Friday

Are you looking for a socially distant way of occupying the kids this week?  A Wicklow councillor may just have the answer.

The Green Party’s Erika Doyle is teaming up with Biodiversity Bray for a scavenger hunt as part of Biodiversity Week 2020.

Families will explore their 5km radius and try mark off as many of their finds as possible on a Scavenger card.

They can then upload photos to a group where resident experts from Biodiversity Bray can identify and discuss all the bugs, herbs, trees and creatures that were found along the way. Bonus points for unusual finds that are not on the sheet!

“Scavenger hunts are always great fun and we live in an area that is incredibly rich in biodiversity. You don’t need to be near a forest or the sea to observe evidence of the richness of living things all around us,” Councillor Doyle said.

“Families can arrange their trip at a time that suits them and it’s the perfect activity for all ages. For the younger scavengers it might be as simple as ‘find something that crawls’ while the older ones may have something more challenging.

“There’s no age limit. If mums and dads then want to upload the pictures to the Biodiversity Scavenger Hunt Bray Facebook event page we can have a discussion about all the finds, with Biodiversity Bray members on hand to identify and chat about the discoveries. Posting to the group is completely optional.”

International Day for Biological Diversity takes place this year on Friday, May 22 and the suggested period for the Scavenger Hunt is any time up until May 24.

Sheets can be printed from the event page ‘Biodiversity Scavenger Hunt Bray’ or can be emailed or popped in your door by request, just email Erika.doyle@greenparty.ie.

Up to date information can be found on the Cllr Erika Doyle or Biodiversity Bray Facebook pages.


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