September 28, 2021

Bray-based engineer leading charge to develop low-cost ventilators in battle against Covid-19

A Bray-based engineer is leading the charge to create a ventilator that can be manufactured easily and cheaply as the scientific community steps up the battle against Covid-19.

Colin Keogh, who is a research engineer at UCD, is one of the founding members of a project called the Open Source Ventilator Ireland which has pulled together an international team of scientists, doctors, engineers and designers and medical professionals which now numbers more than 600 members.

Ventilators are necessary component for the treatment of severe cases of the disease but there are not enough of them to go around globally.

“We put a call out to the world saying give us your expertise and send us your ideas. The response has been amazing,” Colin, has moved his research from UCD and is now operating out of his spare bedroom in Bray, told RTE.

“People have jumped on board because I think they are inherently good. They want to do something and they want to help solve this global crisis.”

The open-source project is aiming to design a “simple, reliable, safe and easy-to-use” device and are working with heath professionals and the and other authorities to meet with regulatory approval.

“What we are looking at developing is an emergency intervention, Colin adds.

“We are confident we will never have to use these ventilators in Ireland, but we don’t know if that will be the case in other countries. We are leading the charge on this, trying to develop solutions as quickly as possible to get the best possible product,” added Mr Keogh.

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