August 3, 2021

Bridge to the past: Wicklow councillor wants river crossing to be named after Henry Grattan

A Wicklow Councillor is calling for a bridge near Enniskerry to be named after the famed Irish politician Henry Grattan.

“It’s relatively unknown that Henry Grattan lived in Enniskerry, yet alone the impact he had on Ireland’s path to independence,” Councillor Rory O’Connor said.

“The bridge currently doesn’t have a name and it’s a no-brainer to build some awareness of this brilliant politician.

“I’d like to erect a small sign on the bridge, that would show its name but also a bit of the history associated with Grattan. I’ve moved this motion and I hope my colleagues on the council support it.”

Next month on June 6 will marked 200 years since Grattan’s death and the bridge is located near to his former home (pictured).

Grattan was the leader of the Irish Patriot movement that won legislative independence for Ireland in 1782.

From 1782 to 1797 Grattan fought to reform the composition of the Irish Parliament and to win voting rights for Catholics in this country.

This period came to be known as “Grattan’s Parliament” and is seen as one of the early steps towards self-determination.

Grattan led the unsuccessful campaign against Prime Minister William Pitt’s Act of Union which merged the Irish and British parliaments, following the 1798 rebellion.

The Act of Union led to the political, economic and social decline for over hundred years until Ireland achieved independence.



Councillor Rory O’Connor is Wicklow’s youngest councillor and second in Ireland at 21.

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