September 28, 2021

Checkpoint Charlie: Man ‘out for a spin’ on Wicklow road arrested after he tests positive for cocaine

A man stopped at a Covid-19 checkpoint in county Wicklow who said he ‘was out for a spin’ failed a roadside drugs test after gardai detected a strong smell of cannabis from inside the car.

The man, who was stopped at the checkpoint on the N81 near Brittas was found to be under the influence of both cocaine and cannabis and arrested on the spot.

Shortly after 1.30pm on Saturday, gardai stopped the car at a Covid-19 checkpoint and asked the driver what was the purpose of his travel. He informed gardai he was ‘out for a spin’ despite the current lockdown.

It was during this interaction the gardai noticed a suspiciously strong smell of cannabis emanating from the car and instructed the man to undergo a roadside drugs test.

Not only did the man fail the test for traces of cannabis in his system, the test also recorded a positive result for traces of cocaine.

Local gardai are asking people to never drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs.



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