August 1, 2021

Class act: Wicklow students score with GOAL as they win humanitarian award

Primary school students from a Wicklow school have been praised by humanitarian aid agency, GOAL,  for their efforts in creating positive global change.

The third-class pupils from St Patrick’s Loreto Primary School, Bray, were named runners-up in the GOAL Changemakers Award for developing a 100% recyclable Christmas wrapping paper.

“The class loved getting involved in the GOAL Changemakers Award as they are all so passionate about this topic,” teacher  Breda Dunleavy said.

“They worked together and displayed fantastic teamwork where they all treated each other equally and showed each other respect which in turned contributed to global goal 10: reduced inequalities.

“The award is wonderful because the project was driven by the students and it inspired me to watch them discover how the tangible changes they make will help tackle global issues.”

Primary school students all over Ireland were asked to share their actions for global change through the Awards.

For months leading up to Christmas people discuss the gifts they are going to buy, the food they are going to eat and the novelty items that offer short term entertainment but long-term damage to the environment.

The Bray students discussed the unsustainability of many traditions at Christmas and felt they should take action in their community.

The  children then set about making their own wrapping paper which was 100% recyclable and to raise awareness, the children also crafted Christmas bauble shaped information cards to accompany the wrapping paper.

To continue their efforts in 2020, the class have decorated a box in the classroom for toy donations that will be donated to local charities throughout the year.

The young students submitted their entry to GOAL via a song they composed themselves.

Full details of the winning entries can be viewed on the GOAL Changemakers page here.


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