September 28, 2021
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Council rejects plans for controversial new waste management plant in Wicklow

A controversial waste management facility in the heart of Wicklow Town has been refused planning permission on environmental and health and safety grounds.

Sur la Mer Ltd had applied to Wicklow County Council for permission to establish a 24,500 per annum waste management facility beside Murrough Wetlands on the town’s seafront.

The planning application requested the acceptance, storage, sorting and transfer of non-hazardous skip waste, construction and demolition waste, green waste and mixed dry recyclables.

It also requested a public recycling centre for the acceptance of non-hazardous household bulky waste, timber, dry recyclable waste, green biodegradable (landscaping type) waste, metal, glass and household WEEE and batteries.

However, local authority planning chiefs refused the request, saying “insufficient information has been submitted” with respect to environmental impacts on the areas surrounding the site.

The council also questioned: “How volume levels will be managed to avoid overspill into buffer lands?”

The local authority also raised fears about the “interaction of the proposed Waste Management Facility with the adjoining Metal Recycling Facility” and the “existing metal deposition evident on site”.

The council said the development could have a detrimental effect on ground water, and that some aspects of the plan could cause havoc to the local habitat.

Planners also noted the development had “potential for garden green waste to bring invasive species to site”.

The report said: “The Planning Authority cannot rule out that the development, by itself or in combination with other development in the vicinity, would not be likely to have a significant effect on the Murrough Wetlands SAC/ The Murrough SPA.

“The provision of such a form of development unduly impacts on the amenities of the area, public health, the amenities of adjoining properties and undermines the planning regulations.

“The proposed development would endanger health/safety of persons occupying the Waste Management Facility given the large stockpile of metal located adjoining tie southern boundary of the site,” the report concluded.


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