November 24, 2020
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Council rejects plans to further expand nursing home on Bray’s seafront

The local authority has rejected plans from a county Wicklow nursing to add a new-storey to its care facility.

The owners of the Shannagh Bay Nursing Home on Fitzwiliam Terrace in Bray made an application to Wicklow County Council in April to develop a new floor on top of an already approved extension currently under construction. The new floor would have provided another six bedrooms.

The approved extension under construction is a two-storey development adjoining the existing four-storey nursing home in its prominent position on Bray’s seafront.

However, the application was rejected by Wicklow County Council planners, who said the development would be “be contrary to the proper planning and sustainable development of the area”.

In its ruling, the local authority also said the development would “seriously injure the residential amenities of adjoining properties, particularly in terms of overbearing, visual intrusion and overshadowing”.

The council also said the extra room would have a detrimental effect on the residents of the nursing home, as it would reduce the amenity space among them.

“Having regard to the nature and scale of the proposed development, which would increase the occupancy of the nursing home while reducing the quantum of amenity space for residents and the failure of the applicants to demonstrate that the proposed development would offer a satisfactory standard of amenity space for residents of the facility, it is considered that the proposed development would result in a substandard form of development,” the council concluded.

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