July 24, 2021

‘Donnelly, Casey, Doyle and Harris chose the Housing Minister over the people of Wicklow’ – Brady rounds on fellow TDs

Sinn Féin’s John Brady has rounded on his fellow Wicklow TDs for either voting  confidence in Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy or abstaining in last night’s Dail vote.

Fine Gael’s Simon Harris and Andrew Doyle both supported Mr Murphy, while Fianna Fail’s Stephen Donnelly and Pat Casey did not cast a vote as per the party line.

“Despite all of the talk and faux outrage at the housing crisis, Fianna Fáil Deputies Donnelly and Casey sat on their hands during last night’s vote of No Confidence in the Minister for Housing,” Mr Brady said.

“Unfortunately, both TDs are all talk and no action when it comes to the housing crisis which is impacting on so many people and families in Wicklow.

“Ministers Doyle and Harris voted confidence in the Housing Minister and his housing policy, Rebuilding Ireland.

“On the same day, the latest homeless figures were released showing yet another increase in the number of people declared homeless with the number now surpassing 10,500 people across the State.

“Claims from Fianna Fáil Deputies that this vote would have led to a Christmas General election is simply not true.

“Wicklow TDs are well aware of the housing crisis in our County – the 43 families who presented as homeless in October, including 71 children, the 4,388 people on the Council housing waiting list, the 11.9% increase in rents in the last year yet, they ignored all of this and either by abstaining or voting confidence, they chose to save the Housing Minister.

“Deputies Donnelly, Casey, Doyle and Harris chose the side of the Housing Minister rather than the people of Wicklow last night.”

A Christmas general election was averted after the Government scraped through a Dáil vote of no confidence in Housing Minister Murphy.

The Fine Gael minority Government narrowly won the vote 56 votes to 53 with the support of a handful of Independent TDs.

Some 35 TDs abstained.







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