July 31, 2021

Fools and horses: Happy ending for ponies Delboy and Rodney after owners abandon them in Wicklow woods

Chateauneuf du pape, Rodney! Two ponies named after the our  favourite Only Fools and Horses characters who were abandoned in woods near Bray have found a new home after being rescued by the ISPCA. 

Delboy and Rodney are now having a ‘cushty’ time at the National Animal Centre after they were seized by Chief Inspector Conor Dowling in February after he responded to a report made to the National Animal Cruelty Helpline on 1890 515515. 

“When I first saw Delboy and Rodney they were not in good shape,” said Conor. “Rodney was tied to a tree on bare earth and, even with his heavy coat, it was obvious he was severely underweight.

“Delboy was also thin and had a rope around his face that was cutting into his skin. Neither of them had anything at all to eat.”

Chief Inspector Dowling arranged for transport to be brought to the scene and, with the assistance of Gardaí from Bray Station, the two ponies were loaded.

They were taken to the ISPCA’s National Animal Centre in Longford where they have been receiving special attention ever since.

“It’s great to see Delboy and Rodney doing so well,” added Conor. “They are gaining weight and Delboy’s wound has healed completely.

“It is testament to the great work that our centre staff do in rehabilitating animals that have been subjected to cruelty and neglect.

In these uncertain times there is one definite and that is that animals in the care of the ISPCA will continue to get the best of care.”


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