July 24, 2021

Former RTE reporter Valerie Cox enters Wicklow election race

Former RTE reporter Valerie Cox has thrown her hat into the ring for the forthcoming general election to stand as an Independent candidate.

The journalist, author and campaigner for older people Valerie Cox has entered the race just ahead of tomorrow’s deadline and is likely to   further complicate matters in the the hotly-contested five-seat Wicklow constituency.

“As a journalist for over 40 years, Valerie is well-known for highlighting injustices and the struggles of people across Ireland, with her outrage at the treatment of older people in Ireland leading to her becoming a high-profile voice for their rights, ” a press release announcing her candidacy said.

“Her relentless battle to expose the plight of older people, deprived of their pensions, exploded the issue onto the national agenda back in 2016, forcing it as a major election issue across all main party candidates.

“Valerie is now hoping to become a voice for the voiceless in her election bid and is unafraid to go straight to the top & demand that no individual go without,” it adds.

A journalist for more than 40 years, Valerie has previously reported for the the Wicklow People, worked as a news editor for East Coast FM and spent over 25 years with RTE.

She is also a Patron of Wicklow Hospice Foundation.

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