July 31, 2021

General Election 2020: After Count 11 there’s shock as TD Pat Casey is knocked out heading into the final furlong

The Wicklow count is likely going to go down to the last count to decide the last two seats.

Now that Pat Casey has been eliminated, his 5,323 votes will be distributed and it will be interesting to see if they go to his Fianna Fail party colleague  Stepehn Donnelly or remian in the south of the county.

As it stands, the Social Democrats’ Jennifer Whitmore is in second on 11,148, just 700 short of the 11,887 quota.

Fine Gael’s Simon Harris remains thirs on 9,545,  with the Green Party’s Steven Matthews on 7,713 and Deputy Donnelly on 6,301 in the last two places.

They are followed by Fine Gael’s Andrew Doyle on 5,943, Independent Joe Behan on 5,690 and Fine Gael’s Billy Timmins on 5,429.

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