January 22, 2021

General Election 2020: After Count 12 Billy Timmins is eliminated as Stephen Donnelly gets 3,000 more votes

Fianna Fail’s Stephen Donnely has roared into fourth place after picking up more than 3,000 votes from Pat Casey’s transfers to put him on 9,363.

The result puts him in a strong position to retain his seat.

Fine Gael’s Billy Timmins will be eliminated next and his 5,813 votes could push his party colleague Andrew Doyle (6,503) past the Green Party’s Steven Matthews (7,838).

However, Independent Joe Behan is likely to be eliminated on the 13th count and his transfers could benefit Matthews and bring him over the line.

The Social Democrats’ Jennifer Whitmore is in second on 11,405, while Fine Gael’s Simon Harris remains third on 9,774.

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