September 28, 2021

General Election 2020: After Count 6 it’s all to play for as Wicklow election heads for extra time

The General Election count in Wicklow is heading for extra time with a titanic battle emerging for the last two seats.

Fine Gael’s Simon Harris and Social Democrats’ Jennifer Whitmore look set to take the second and third seats respectively, with the Green Party’s Steven Matthews shaping up to take the fourth leaving a dogfight for the final seat between Fianna Fail’s  Stephen Donnelly and Pat Casey, and Fine Gael’s Andrew Doyle and Billy Timmins.

It would appear that no candidate will reach the quota of 11,887 at this stage apart from Sinn Fein’s John Brady who was elected with 17,297 on the first count yesterday.

Harris is currently on 8,948, Whitmore on 8,095 and Matthews on 6,159.

Then comes Donnelly on 5,707, Doyle on 5,147, Timmins on 4,935 and Casey on 4,776.

Logic would tell you that if Pat Casey is eliminated then his transfers would go to his Fianna Fail running mate Stephen Donnelly but given he is based in the south of the county, he may transfer to Andrew Doyle or Billy Timmins who are based in the south and west respectively.

Bray-based Joe Behan, who is the highest ranked Independent, could have a key role to play if he eliminated and his transfers go to Donnelly, who is also based in the north of the county – he is currently on 3,805.

Wicklow Town-based John Snell’s is currently on 3,782 and where his votes go will very important too.

The votes of Seamus Connor from Aontu (1,351) will now be distributed before Count 7 is announced.

Stay tuned, it’s about to get exciting …







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