June 15, 2021
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Good fences make good neighbours: Objections to Sean Fitzpatrick’s plan for new house in The Burnaby

Neighbours of Sean Fitzpatrick in The Burnaby in Greystones are both objecting to and are supporting his and his wide’s plans to build a new house in his back garden.

According to chartered engineer and neighbour Fintan Graham, the building planned by the former Anglo Irish Bank chief will impact on nearby existing homes.

Mr Graham has lodged an objection against the application with Wicklow County Council.

Meanwhile, Ross and Elaine McParland, who live next door to the Fitzpatrick owned site, said in a submission to the Council: “We earnestly seek the good offices of the planning authority to carefully adjudicate if the proposed layout and design of this proposed residence is fair and reasonable having regard to privacy at our adjoining home, Rosella.”

They add: “We have endured an awful neglected site beside us for over ten years and so warmly welcome its development.”

In November, Sean and Caitriona Fitzpatrick filed an application for the house of four bedrooms, two en suite, at ground level with each bedroom having access to an external terrace.

At first floor level the dwelling will comprise an entrance hall, family room, living room, kitchen/dining room and each of the habitable rooms will have access to an upper terrace that will provide additional amenity space.

The new home will replace a single-storey, fire-damaged dwelling known as Meadow Garden.

The Fitzpatricks held on to their home, Camaderry, next to Greystones Golf Club after Mr Fitzpatrick was declared a bankrupt in 2010 with debts of €147m and assets of €47m in the wake of the collapse of Anglo Irish Bank.

Mr Graham’s single storey property, known as The Spinney borders onto the Meadow Garden site and he has told the local authority that a first floor balcony for the Fitzpatrick proposal  “will greatly reduce the current level of privacy and negatively impact the residential amenity of existing dwellings”.

Mr Graham stated that the proposed balcony design is elevated by 1.6 metres above the floor level of The Spinney and 3.8 metres above the garden level “with its consequent repercussion for privacy and amenity”.

Mr Graham claims that “the proposed upper floor balcony is such that it will be conducive to people attending social events to gather on it with the consequent emission of intrusive noise into my property”.

Mr Graham stated that he is very pleased to see the derelict site being the subject of a planning application but stated that he wishes to object to certain aspects of the proposed design.


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