September 28, 2021

High levels of poisonous material found in river flowing into Glendalough

High traces of hazardous and poisonous materials have been discovered in a river that flows in Glendalough and another local estuary, an alarming new report has found.

The Water Quality in Ireland report released by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) found both bodies of water failed to meet quality standards.

Higher than normal traces of cadmium were detected in the Glenealo River, which flows into Glendalough. Meanwhile, higher than normal traces of copper, zinc and cadmiumwere doscovered in the Avoca Estuary.

Just three bodies of water out of a total of 322 examined by the EPA for metals, pesticides and various industrial chemicals recorded hazardous levels beyond European norms. Two of these were in Wicklow, the other in Cork.

The report assessed more than 3,200 bodies of water, including rivers, lakes, canals, groundwaters, estuaries and coastal waters, over a five-year period. It found just over half (52.8%) are in good health.

Ireland currently has only 20 pristine river water bodies – or less than 1% of all the river sections examined, according to the report.

It also found the amount of seriously polluted rivers has increased by 50% in just three years.


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