May 8, 2021

Laura takes some Flack online, but most Love Island fans succumb to Bray star’s charms

Wicklow’s darling Laura Whitmore seemed to take some ‘Flack’ online and in the British tabloid media after debuting as the new host of Love Island.

Today, however, it looks like Laura could be the real winner of the show as the public have spoken and have it appears they have fallen in love.

Whitmore’s entrance – a slow motion walk in a stunning jumpsuit – took social media, the UK and Love Island fans by storm and it is this memorable montage that has managed to mute those quick to dismiss Laura’s first night as host.

The 34-year-old Bray native is trending all day on twitter with the vast majority congratulating Laura, who took over as host from close friend Caroline Flack who could not take on the role this year after a very public incident involving her boyfriend which occurred before Christmas.

Much of the initial negativity towards Laura Whitmore came from the many fans who appear very attached to Caroline Flack. but seems to have dissipated throughout the day and now fans are looking forward to seeing more of Laura and her impeccable fashion sense.

Many more have come onside with the Wicklow woman after she spoke out against one of the contestants on the show who it turns out is a big game and rare animal game hunter.

Inevitably, of course, there were still a few dissenting voices making their opinions known online.

ITV’s Love Island can be seen every night on Virgin Media for the coming eight weeks.

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