May 8, 2021

Locals in Greystones react with disgust as syringe found on beach

Local people in Greystones have reacted with disgust after a good citizen found and disposed of a dirty syringe on the South Beach this week.

Glenn Phelan, who lives in Greystones, was out for a walk with his dog Sadie on February 13 when he came across the needle thrown on the sand.

“I was just out walking the dog along the beach and came upon the syringe,” he told

“I’m so glad my dog didn’t eat it as she will eat anything she finds.

“It’s not the first one to have been found recently, another woman found one a couple of months ago wrapped up in seaweed.

“They could be washing ashore from elsewhere but can’t say for sure.

“I did put it in a bin without thinking but the council have been notified of which bin it was put in and it had the cap on so no needle was exposed.”

Quick-thinking Glenn used a dog poo bag to pick up the needle and  put it in a nearby bin before informing the council.

Although Glenn did what he thought was the right thing, official advice recommends that syringes are not disposed of bins as the needle may pierce the skin of the person emptying it.

Instead they should be put in a jar or plastic container and brought to a pharmacy or doctors  for disposal.

Glenn’s post on Greystones Forum elicited several responses from residents in the town including:

“This is very upsetting and frightening. Thank you for letting us know.”

“Well done for picking it up.”

“Scumbags good work for getting rid.”









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