July 31, 2021

‘Lockdown is only solution’ – anger as thousands flock to Wicklow beauty spots despite Covid-19 warnings

People took to social media tonight to vent their anger and disbelief after thousands of people converged on beauty spots across Wicklow despite repeated warnings about the need to maintain social distancing to combat the spread of Covid-19.

Gardaí had to issue a public appeal to the public to avoid Powerscourt, Sally Gap, Glendalough and Enniskerry after huge numbers of people flocked to the popular tourist spots from early today.

They reminded people we are in “a crucial phase in which social distancing is vital”.

However, many people didn’t seem that bothered and continued to flout the warnings.

Pictures circulated on social media of huge numbers of cars abandoned on the side of the road leading up to Glendalough, where all car parks and facilities had to be closed earlier this morning.

In a statement, Wicklow County Council said thousands of people have visited Glendalough since the Covid-19 outbreak.

But they warned the message on social distancing is still not getting through.

The council said: “On Saturday pictures of people were circulating on social media, where people could be seen in groups at the food stalls.”

Many people took to social meda this evening to express their anger and disgust at the actions of the crowds.

One woman wrote: “No one’s listening. We can’t get out our gate because of the volume of traffic on our road. I’m speechless, frustrated, saddened and so annoyed. There are no words.”

Another woman said: “I think this is going to lead to one necessary outcome and that’s a full lockdown because otherwise this will not end. We could end up with an astronomical death toll otherwise.”

One warned: “This is what happened in Italy before the shit really hit the fan.”

Another man summed up the views of many people, saying: “Lockdown is only solution.”


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