April 13, 2021

New Jigsaw office in Bray adds another piece to youth mental health services – Wicklow Minister

Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly has said a new mental health service for young people opening in Bray has never been more needed.

The Jigsaw office opening in the town will offer a listening ear, and give expert advice and support to young people aged 12 – 25 years-old.

The service will also give families, teachers, and those who support young people’s mental health ways to cope and skills to be there for them.

Young people across the county will be able to access the service not only by making an appointment at the Bray office but also via video links and online.

The Bray office is expected to have seven full-time staff who will be fully trained mental health professionals with backgrounds ranging from nursing, social work to occupational therapy.

Last year the service helped 30,000 young people across the country and is expected to deal with thousands of cases across Wicklow each year when it opens before Christmas.

Minister Donnelly said: ‘The work Jigsaw does is something I fully support and has never been more crucial.

“Our young people have had to endure a huge amount of stress not only with the rise of things like social media but in recent months as a result of the restrictions brought about by Covid.

“Jigsaw are able to offer young people a way of understanding how to look after their mental health.

“They will not just be in Bray but will be reaching out to the schools and sporting clubs across Wicklow to give talks and put on workshops.

“The work Jigsaw does can and will be life-changing for thousands of young people in the county.

“I would implore anyone who feels they might need counselling not to hesitate to reach out for help or at least to speak to a friend or a member of their family”.

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