October 27, 2020
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Plans for 90 bed nursing home in Wicklow village back on track

Plans to develop a 90-bed nursing home in a Wicklow village are very much back on the table, despite hitting a small snag with the planning application.

Ras Ventures Limited is looking for an extension to the planning permission received from Wicklow County Council in 2016, allowing them to develop the large care facility at Roundwood Park Estate in Roundwood.

Due to the five-year planning period coming to conclusion next summer, the developers applied to the local authority to extend the planning permission for a further five years.

However Wicklow County Council had to knock back the request due to the fact the developers were too early in their request for an extension, according to planning laws.

In making their decision, Wicklow’s planning office said: “The Planning Authority consider that the application does not comply with the requirements of the Planning and Development Regulations 2001 (as amended) as the application has been made earlier than one year before the permission expires.”

Ras Ventures will be able to resubmit their application for an extension once it falls within one year of the current permission’s expiry date.

Upon completion, the new development will consist of a 6,981spm 90-bed care home, a new vehicular and pedestrian access off the L5077, the creation of 50 no. parking spaces, and the creation of formal gardens, parkland and paddocks for farm animals.



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