July 31, 2021

Rub it in: Call for Wicklow Council to provide public hand sanitation units

Sinn Féin have proposed that Wicklow County Council provide hand sanitation units in public spaces as the county reopens after Covid-19.

“Fingal County Council have placed Sanitation stations around public areas such as parks, walks and playgrounds and I feel this is something that Wicklow County Council could get on board with,” Greystones Sinn Féin representative Nicola Lawless said.

“As our country starts to re-open hand hygiene will be top priority when we are out and about as well as social distancing and having stations like this place around the whole county will give the public a bit more reassurance.

“I have asked our Sinn Féin Councillors to contact the CEO of Wicklow County Council and see if we can roll this out.”

Bray councillor Grace McManus added “Small ideas can make a big difference, and this is one such idea.

“This means a person who forgets or runs out of their own hand sanitiser isn’t left in the lurch. As we move through the re opening phases more people will be out having picnics and children playing in the playgrounds and having good hand hygiene will continue to be vital.

“This proposal assists our community to do this. I look forward to working with council officials to bring this idea to fruition.”

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