September 28, 2021

Serious concerns over water quality in Wicklow Harbour

A Wicklow TD has raised concerns about the water quality in Wicklow Harbour.

The most recent report from the Environmental Protection Agency found the water quality in the harbour was “Below Minimum Standard”.

The finding was made after the water had been tested 21 times in the past four years.

Last July a swimming ban was issued when the water quality in Wicklow Harbour and Leitrim River dipped following an incident of a sewage storm overflow to the river from the public sewer that coincided with heavy rainfall. And earlier this month there have been reports of oil and petrol slicks in the harbour.

Wicklow TD and Fianna Fail health spokesperson Deputy Donnelly said: “Wicklow Harbour is a fantastic amenity for the local community which is shared by not only local fishermen but also sailing, swimming and triathlon clubs.

“During the summer months the harbour is a place where local children rightly love to swim which is why it is absolutely vital that the water quality needs to be of the highest standards.

“A major focus of the new Government will have to be to work on making sure all of our bathing waters are fit for purpose.

“I will be working closely with both Wicklow County Council, Irish Water and the EPA to do everything we can to improve the water quality in the harbour.”

However, the EPA report which covers water testing for 2019, was overwhelmingly positive for Wicklow.

It found the county’s six main bathing areas, Bray South, Brittas Bay North and South as well as Clogga and Greystones South  were found to be “Excellent”.

While lesser used bathing areas in the Murrough, Kilcoole, south of Bray harbour  and Arklow south beach were deemed to have the “Highest Quality” water.

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