September 25, 2020

SF and FG could gain seats in Wicklow if election was held now, leaked document claims

An internal government document leaked last night shows Fine Gael believe they can regain a seat in Wicklow if they were to hold an election again by the end of the summer.

It’s good news for Sinn Féin as well which shows that John Brady’s poll topping performance in the election which was held in February, would be enough to see him carry a second candidate into the Dáil with him.

The document was leaked onto Twitter last night by the Irish Times deputy political editor Fiach Kelly after it had been doing the rounds on some Fine Gael WhatsApp groups.

The spreadsheet, which Fiach Kelly stated is not sanctioned by Fine Gael’s leadership, is based on recent polling and nationally shows dramatic increases for both Fine Gael and Sinn Féin. Fianna Fáil would lose seats while the document suggest the Greens and Independents would be decimated.

According to the document Fianna Fáil’s Wicklow TD Stephen Donnelly would lose his seat after moving over to the party from the Social Democrats during the last term of the Dáil. However, new Social Democrat TD Jennifer Whitmore would retain her seat.

Not such good news for new Green Party TD Steven Matthews, which the spreadsheet suggests would lose his seat.

The spreadsheet shows that Fine Gael would be the largest party if an election was held before the summer is out. The current government party would take 59 seats (up 24), Sinn Fein would claim 48 seats (up 11), with Fianna Fáil losing 11 seas and dropping back to 27.

The document suggests Independents would lose 60% of their seats, from 20 down to eight, The Green Party would lose 66% of its seats, from 12 to four, while Labour claims five seats (down 1), Social Democrats win four seats (down two), Solidarity / People Before Profit take four seats (down one), while Aontu holds it’s one seat.

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