March 6, 2021

Singer Luan lends her voice to drink driving campaign

Singer Luan Parle is lending her voice to a Christmas Road Safety Campaign by appearing in an advert with a taxi driver, undertaker and members of the emergency services.

“The message is very clear and reminds us how road deaths affect everyone,” Luan says.

“When a driver chooses to get behind the wheel drunk they are putting us all at risk, lives are lost, families are ruined and people are left devastated, the message never gets old.”

The campaign was originally launched a number of years ago when Michael Kelly, Martin Lynch Taxis, An Garda Síochána, the HSE, Sweeney Funeral Directors and BenPix Productions.

As part of it  they produced an ad showing the possible different methods of getting home from a night out this Christmas after consuming alcohol or substances: taxi, Garda car, ambulance or hearse while asking the question ‘Who is going to take YOU home?

The Meteor Award-winning singer-songwriter has spent a large part of the year travelling around the country delivering songwriting workshops to young people in secondary schools.

“It only takes a tiny lapse in concentration by taking your eyes off the road for a split second to cause an accident,” she says.

“Now think of how greatly reduced your reaction times are when you have consumed alcohol or other substances? Don’t take the chance this Christmas. Don’t waste your life or theirs.”

Photo: Singer Luan Parle with taxi driver Martin Lynch, Sgt Vincent Byrne, Paramedics Kieran and Anthony Doyle and Undertaker Ned Sweeney 

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