August 1, 2021
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SPONSORED: Steven Matthews: ‘I understand the needs of County Wicklow’

‘All politics is local’ was the maxim of Tip O’Neill, Speaker of the US House of Representatives. That’s certainly true in Ireland where some TDs have trouble seeing beyond their own back yard.

Balancing national and global interests with local needs can be difficult but Steven Matthews is aiming to do both as he aims for a seat in Dail Eireann.

The Green Party Councillor is a Wicklow man through and through and is ready to fight for his constituency and constituents and after almost six years as a councillor is now ready to do so on a national level.

“I am a graduate of DIT Planning and Environmental Management and I have worked in railway signalling and engineering for 25 years. I live in Bray with my wife and children,”  he says.

“I understand the needs of County Wicklow for housing, health and environmental protection and for sustainable solutions to support our economy, our communities, to create jobs and encourage investment.

“Wicklow needs good planning and the provision of affordable, well constructed housing in the right locations, a functioning, high frequency and reliable public transport system to reduce traffic congestion on the N11 and N81 and a clean environment that we can enjoy, that attracts tourism and supports farmers and food producers.

“Wicklow residents need properly managed public spaces, community and sporting facilities supported by a properly funded local councils

“The Green Party has always been the leading voice on Climate Change. We have the policies and the solutions in Housing, Planning, Energy, Transport and Environment that will address climate change.

“These policies will protect our health, environment and quality of life and secure a future for our young people.

“These key areas will underpin our economy, encouraging investment and job creation which will provide reliable funding for Housing, Education, Health and Public Services now and for the future.

“I am asking for your number one vote so that Wicklow can have its first ever Green TD, thank you.”

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