August 3, 2021

Testing criteria for those fearing they have contracted Covid-19 in Wicklow broadened from today

The rules on who can be tested for Coronavirus testing in Wicklow are once again being extended as from today.

People who now contact their GPs outside of the high-risk groups and who find they are suffering from a new cough, a recently acquired fever, or shortness of breath will now be eligible for testing.

Once again, people are being asked to contact their GP first before attempting to attend a Coronavirus testing centre.

Over the past week, close to 9,000 tests a day were carried out nationwide (61,707) by the HSE, a massive jump on the weeks previously. This brings the number of people in the country tested for Covid-19 up to 214,761 since testing began.

The Government expects we will be in a position to test up to 100,000 people per week by next week around the country.

People in Wicklow who must use the service will be directed to existing permanent HSE centres around the county. It is understood that the HPSC has made contingency plans with the GAA in Wicklow in case of the need for a drive-through testing facility, however, that eventuality has not been arrived at just yet.

The new testing parameters are all part of the plan to flatten the curve through testing and community tracing and part of the phased easing of restriction plan laid out by the Government last Friday.


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