August 1, 2021

The great election mystery: Who is destroying Labour candidate Paul O’Brien’s posters in Bray?

The hunt is on for an election poster vandal who has taken it upon themselves to destroy Labour Party candidate Paul O’Brien’s posters.

Three of the councillor’s large posters in Bray have either been damaged or disappeared since last Friday.

On Thursday, January 30, campaigners had placed a large poster near the Wilton Hotel on the Southern Cross Road but by Saturday of last week it had been cut in two, with one half found in a ditch and the other in a nearby field,  a spokesperson for Mr O’Brien told

Earlier this week, the poster was replaced but by Tuesday night, February 4, it had suffered the same fate – torn up and unusable.

Meanwhile, a second poster was placed on the Killarney Road near East Coast FM but it has now completely disappeared from the location, the spokesperson added.

“Ding ding round two, poster destroyed again in Bray, thuggery at its finest,” Mr O’Brien wrote on Facebook.

“We live in a democratic society but some choose to ignore this fact. It’s a pity that some people feel they can act in this manner, but alas it will not deter me & I will fight on.

“The people will decide on Saturday who represents them, not these cowardly thugs.

Anyone with information can contact Cllr Paul O’Brien or Bray Garda Station on (01) 666 5300.



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