April 12, 2021

Thirteen accidents at Glen of the Downs ‘blackspot’ this year

The Glen of the Downs has seen 13 accidents so this year, according to figures released by the Gardai to Sinn Féin TD John Brady.

“Over the last two years I have been in contact with many people who have had accidents in the Glen of the Downs,” he says.

“I recently received a report from the Gardaí that outlines that since January last year there have been 24 reported accidents in the Glen of the Downs, 13 of those reported accidents took place this year alone.

“I have also spoken to a number of motorists who have lost control of their vehicles when they hit water that runs across the road in the Glen but managed to regain control before they crashed.”

“There is clearly a serious problem in the Glen of the Downs with drainage and immediate action needs to be taken to address the accident blackspot.

“I have been raising these serious problems with Transport Infrastructure Ireland and unfortunately nothing has happened to address the issue.

“Obviously, the primary concern is the safety of the motorists, there is also the issue of when an accident happens the entire N11 comes to a standstill.”

“I have been told that addressing the drainage issue would be looked at as part of the N11/M11 Improvement Scheme; however, that is not expected to commence until 2027 at the earliest. ”


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