August 5, 2020

Tributes paid to RNLI crew who rescued three from sunken canoe off Wicklow coast

Tributes have been paid to the crew of Arklow Lifeboat who rescued three people after a canoe sank off the Wicklow Coast.

Following the Pager Alert at 4.05pm the Volunteer Lifeboat crew responded within minutes and proceeded to launch our all weather lifeboat Ger Tigchlearr.

Members of the public had contacted the  Irish Coastguard to alert them that there were three people in the water who were in need of rescue.

Once underway the Coastguard made contact with the Lifeboat and relayed co-ordinates to commence a search  for the casualties.

Some of our crew members had also proceeded along the shoreline to the location which was just off the end of a nearby breakwater at the Roadstone Quarry.

The lifeboat arrived on scene within minutes and between the spotters on shore, the members of the public and the crew, all three casualties were quickly located in the water.

One was near the beach, one was approx 200metres off shore and the final casualty was approximately 500metres off shore.

With the tide ebbing at the time there was significant risk of the casualties being dragged further out to sea. Thankfully they were all taken to safety quickly.

One  managed to make his way to shore and the other two were taken aboard the lifeboat. They were assessed by the lifeboat crew.  All were suffering from the effects of being immersed in cold water for a period and were tired from what they had been through.

Efforts were made to locate the vessel they had gone to sea in but it could not be located.

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