April 12, 2021

Two Wicklow natives trapped in their apartments in China due to coronavirus

Two  Wicklow natives are currently confined to their apartments in  China due to the Covid-19 coronavirus.

Eoin O’Neill, who is originally from Arklow, is currently on lockdown in the Wanzhou district of Chongqing, which borders Hubei province, where the outbreak is believed to have  started.

“We’re smack in the middle of it. There’s about 1.5 million people here, which is fairly small in Chinese terms,” the English teacher told RTE.

Meanwhile, Mark Murray from Blessington, who has lived in China for past nine years, is stuck in his apartment in Changchun with his newborn baby and wife because of the virus.

Also an English teacher, Mark says he contacted the Irish government a month ago to get a passport for his son Miles but has yet to get the documents.

Changchun has a population of eight million people and is around 2,000km away from Wuhan, where the deadly disease originated.

Picture: Mark Murray from Blessington with his two-month-old son Miles (Image: RTE Sean O’Rourke show)

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