August 3, 2021

Uplands Council issues guidelines as sky-high number of visitors flock to Wicklow

Anyone who has made a trip into the Wicklow country side in the past few days will have noticed a marked increase in visitors to the area.

With St Patrick’s Day events cancelled, many families took the opportunity to visit the likes of Glendalough, Sugarloaf, Roundwood and Brittas Bay resulting in long tailbacks of traffic into towns and villages, and beauty spot carparks.

As a result, Wicklow Uplands Council has issued a number of guidelines to enable visitors and locals to enjoy and experience the Uplands safely and with consideration to others, including:

  • Even when outdoors, social distancing is paramount,  so avoid congregating in groups and keep a gap of two metres between each person.
  • Don’t block blocking private entrances, farmyards and working farm gates when parking.
  • Parking on narrow roadways may prevent access to emergency services.
  • Remote areas are occasionally targeted by criminals so don’t leave valuables in your vehicles.
  • Practice responsible dog control. By law, dogs must always be under effective control and this includes the use of leads.
  • Please dispose of all litter properly.
  • Bring your own food as many of the food businesses and hospitality options are now closed.
  • Checking weather forecasts, wear appropriate clothing and footwear and having enough drinks and and food.
  • Respect the land owner’s wishes by closing gates and not damaging fences or private property.

“The uplands are open and provide a huge number of choices for you and your loved ones to experience the outdoors during these challenging times,” Brian Dunne, Coordinator of Wicklow Uplands Council,  says.

“Our open spaces are more important than ever and we should all enjoy them responsibly and with respect for others in mind, that includes observing the guidelines on social distancing.”

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