June 15, 2021

Vets tell Wicklow pet owners how to avoid catching Coronavirus from their animals

Wicklow pet-owners are being advised to wash their animals after it emerged Coronavirus could be transferred through our furry friend’s furs and coats.

The Veterinary Council of Ireland (VCI) say although pets are not considered to be active transmitters of infections for humans, they can carry Covid-19 in their fur and their faeces.

With this in mind, the VCI has given new pet guidance due to the Covid-19 pandemic, advising people who have tested positive for coronavirus to isolate their pets for two-weeks also.

The VCI are urging people who think their pet came into contact with a confirmed case to wash their pet, and advise pet-owners to follow good hygiene advise when handling their pets, including washing their hands with soap in hot water after petting or handling them, and the same after clearing up their droppings.

CEO of the Veterinary Council Niamh Muldoon said precautions need to be taken: “Common sense and practical hygiene guidelines should, of course, be used at all times.

“So obviously you wash your hands after you interact with any animal.

“If and when you are picking up any faeces use a plastic bag or cover your hand and again wash them thoroughly afterwards.”

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