November 24, 2020

War zone: Bray’s Laura Whitmore attacked online for British Army podcast

There’s a battle she could do without … Bray’s Laura Whitmore has been subjected to a barrage of online abuse accusing her of “recruiting for the British Army”.

The 35-year-old, from Wicklow was forced to defend herself after she posted on her social media accounts about her upcoming podcast on the British Army website with the hashtags #armyconfidence, #The Locker, #armyjobs and #ad.

The Love Island presenter was subsequently described as “stupid”, “not Irish” and “easily bought” by trolls who took to Twitter with one saying she was “pimping up the British Army”.

One person wrote said: “Any Irish person promoting or working with the British army must be stripped of their citizenship for treason.”

“Really pleased to share the first episode of the new @Britisharmy podcast series ‘The Locker’,” Whitmore had tweeted originally.

“Hear me talk about all things confidence, body positivity, being female in a male dominated industry and overcoming insecurities with the inspiring Ella, a soldier in the British Army.”

The tweet was accompanied by a photo of Whitmore wearing a camouflage jumper and giving the thumbs up beside a microphone.

The online  abuse comes as the inquest in to the death of Caroline Flack – one of Whitmore’s best friends and her predecessor on Love Island – found she took her own life in Feb ruary after finding out she was definitely going to be prosecuted for assault and feared the publicity that would come with the trial.

Coroner Mary Hassell said Flack’s presenter’s alleged assault of boyfriend Lewis Burton being “played out in the national press” following her arrest was “incredibly difficult for her” and had a serious impact on her mental health.

Pictured: Laura Whitmore with Caroline Flack before the latter’s suicide in February


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