September 28, 2021

Warning issued over ‘pushy’ workmen in red Toyota Hiace offering roof services

Wicklow residents have been warned to be on the lookout for ‘pushy cold callers’ ‘in a 08 WD reg red Toyota Hiace offering roof cleaning services.

It is believed several men have called to houses in the Ballinaclash and Rathdrum areas in an effort to get the residents to employ them to clean or fix roofs and gutters.

Meanwhile, reports have also been received of ‘cold callers’ offering tree pruning and other garden maintenance services in Wicklow Town, who are also said to be very pushy and not accepting refusal easily.

Garda advice is not to deal with cold callers and to establish the full identity of any callers before you consider employing them.

If you feel pressurised you can tell the caller that you never employ trades people ‘cold calling’ to your door.

Ask for a sales brochure or other documentation that you can subsequently investigate and verify as credible.

This should have a contact telephone number, a known address and a VAT registered number.

If you have any doubts about such callers, please contact your local Garda Station as genuine trades persons will not be offended by any enquiries.

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