July 25, 2021
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Wicklow landfill looks to extend planning permission

A Wicklow landfill site has applied to extend its planning permission until 2026.

Ballynagran Landfill Ltd is looking to extend the duration of its planning permission on a section of its landfill site at Ballynagran, around five kilometres south-west of Wicklow Town.

The application is to the extend the period of permission on 31 hectares of engineered residual landfill to accept 180,000 tonnes per annum of non-hazardous waste for 15 years along with its ancillary facilities.

The previous planning was granted in April 2006 on an overall site compromising 128 hectares.

As part of the planning application, Ballynagran Landfill Ltd said the extended permission is being requested due to a lower rate of waste being brought to the landfill than initially expected, due to less waste being sent to landfill because of changing consumer habits.

The application says: “The landfill void is not yet filled, primarily because the actual rate at which the void is being filled is lower than the projected rate of fill in the original application. This is mainly due to the treated nature of the waste now being accepted resulting in a less bulky waste stream.”

The company is looking to extend the planning permission until December 2026.

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