July 31, 2021

WATCH: Gemma O’Doherty hit with egg at Wicklow rally, says ‘Antifa mob’ was drunk and high and calls on President Trump to take action

One of Ireland’s most controversial figures came to county Wicklow yesterday to hold a rally but instead was drowned out by locals opposed to her views.

Journalist and political activist Gemma O’Doherty held a rally on a beach in Arklow yesterday evening but it soon became clear the crowd that had gathered had not come in support, but rather to express their opposition to her views.

Flanked by journalist John Waters, the pair and their supporters were soon outmaneuvered and silenced by the local group.

Ms O’Doherty and Mr Waters recently took an application to the High Court in an effort to have lockdown restrictions revoked as they believe them to be unconstitutional, but their application failed. They have said they are going to appeal that decision.

The confrontation soon turned to farce after Ms O’Doherty was hit with eggs which led to the rally being hastily shut down.

She took to Twitter herself this lunchtime claiming ‘the mob’ that egged her were drunk and on drugs and members of the left-wing anti-facist group Antifa. She then called on President Trump to lock up billionaire investment magnate George Soros for supporting the group.


VIDEO: Luke Lennon 

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  1. Wtf is she on about? Your man John Waters doesn’t even know. We have enough crazy ejjits. We don’t need anymore.
    She is full of delusions of her own grandeur. No body elected her to be spokesperson of this country and nobody wants her only a small minority. I’d gladly debate them and look them in the eyes but I’d imagine nothing good would come of it like nothing good ever came from her mouth or waters.

  2. If she has a functioning brain she would have heard the message loud and clear…..She represents noone…..She is an embarrassment with her fabricated stories to excuse how she is disliked for her previous escapades….which she herself has publically posted…..

  3. The response to Gemma Doherty was disgraceful, shameful and ignorant.
    Everyone has a right to speak freely regardless of what other people’s views are ….Gemma and John Waters are Irish citizens and deserve respect as Irish citizens but most of all thwy have put themselves at risk and have invested their own time freely to speak up for what they feel is right for their country and it’s citizens.
    Those who attempt to silence freedom of speech are the ones on the side of injustice, peace and freedom.

    • Who invite her to Arklow?? She knows it cause she came down when she was a kid so what times have changed for everywhere change can be good people like that fear change. All those kids weren’t at ur protest they were coming home from a lovely day at the beach and u disturbed their peace. Who ur one in shorts and blonde hair should have some manners calling kids the b word how was she brought up???

  4. I dont think she has ever been to america. She hasnt a f**king clue what she is talking about. She sounds like she is stoned. What is she even saying? We dont have the same issues against black people here in ireland, they were never kept as slaves by us, they were never barred from anywhere here, they have not been given guns, we dont have a war on drugs to kill them.
    She calls the group “on drugs” , she does realise the war in drugs is literally a war on african american communities? What a plonker.
    She does not represent Ireland.

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