July 31, 2021

Inspiring story of Wicklow man who made miracle recovery from Covid-19 after being given last rites goes viral

The inspirational story about how a brave Wicklow man has made a Lazarus-like recovery from the coronavirus after he spent almost a month fighting for his life in hospital went viral this week.

Roundwood’s Mark Burke (46) was even given the last rites after his family were told he had just 24 hours to life.

The story emerged locally earlier this month but it received national prominence over the past 24 hours after an interview with Mark’s wife Joanne was widely shared and circulated online.

In an interview with RSPLive, Joanne said: “Mark was so ill in hospital, he was given his last rites.

“He got so sick with it he developed a blood clot and his bowel was completely diseased.

“He spent almost a month in hospital and at one stage was given 24 hours to live. The doctors said it is an utter miracle he survived. They just can’t understand it.”

Joanne praised the efforts of the doctors, nurses and staff at St Vincent’s Hospital for the amazing care they gave her husband, which she said saved his life.

She added: “The staff says Mark was by far the sickest patient with COVID-19 they had ever seen.

“Nurses and doctors set up facetime and skype so the family could talk to Mark. That’s all out of their own time.

“He was taking up doctors and nurses time 24/7. If he didn’t have that 1-1, there’s not a hope he would have come through it.”


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