July 25, 2021

WEEKEND WEATHER: New Year starts off mild and sunny

This weekend will feel a little cooler than it has been for the past few days in Wicklow but it will be dry and it will be sunny.

Met Éireann, the national forecaster predicts the weekend to be “quite mild,” and “the nights will be mostly frost free.”

This morning will start rather cool and cloudy with a sharp breeze still blowing. It will be bright with good spells of sunshine throughout the day.

Unfortunately, the sun won’t bring heat, temperatures will hover around 6C and drop as low as 2C overnight.

Saturday will be much the same, maybe a little cloudier and a slight chance of a shower here and there. Temperatures may rise a little, getting up to 7C or 8C.

Sunday could be a quite pleasant day in Wicklow and if there is to be good weather over Ireland, we will get the best of it. A stiff breeze is expected to blow most of Saturday’s clouds away so it will be mild and sunny, temperatures getting over 10C and even up as far as 12C possibly.

That’s the best of it though, by Monday the weather will have turned and lots of rain is forecast. It will be quite balmy, possibly 14C but very, very wet.

And this warmer, wetter weather is expected to last most of next week.

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