November 30, 2020
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Wicklow based app-developer ready to launch its payment system in rest of Ireland

A Wicklow company who have developed a successful app in promoting the local economy, while taking the expense out of point of sale (PoS) systems for small businesses is are looking at new regions to expand their business.

The Bray based company VillagePod Partnership, which developed the app last year, has seen a surge in users in recent months as a response to Covid-19, which has seem consumers using local businesses more frequently.

Their company is now in talks with some local authorities around the country in an effort to launch thier VillagePod app in their area, boosting local business.

Following on from the successful pilot in Bray and Greystones, the platform has emerging as an essential tool for small businesses locally, which reward customers and enables greater communication between businesses and their customers.

The Small Firms Association estimate if we spend €20 a week in small businesses over the next three months it could boost the local economy by up to €875 million. The VillagePod app is designed to do just that and more, helping both the local community and economy to thrive.

The app allows small businesses to take contactless payment from consumers without expensive set-up costs, also features attractive customer reward tools to engage customers. It also supports retailers and local area gift cards to be delivered contactlessly and keep this money circulating in the local economy.

The company has made a proposal to Waterford County Council to secure funding for a rollout of the shop local platform in Waterford towns under the Government’s recently announced Town and Village Renewal Scheme for COVID-19 response measures.

Commenting on the submission, VillagePod Partnership Manager Louise O’Neill said: “We’ve been greatly encouraged by the interest in the platform coming from local businesses and towns around Ireland.”


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