April 12, 2021
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Wicklow company’s major live cattle shipment to North Africa is cancelled

A shipment of 1,200 bulls and bullocks arranged by a Wicklow company and due to leave Waterford Port for North Africa today has been cancelled.

The livestock vessel the Sarah M, which was due to carry the animals has been maintaining a holding position off the Waterford coast for more than 11 days,  but is now set to leave Irish waters and make for mainland Europe.

Earlier this week, Wicklow-based company Roundwood Park Livestock announced its planned cattle shipment to Algeria had been cancelled due to issues regarding health certificate requirements that had been set out by the Department of Agriculture.

The decision has been welcomed by some animal welfare campaigners.

Waterford Animal Concern chair John Tierney said: “It’s good news for animal welfare that Irish cattle are not been sent abroad to be slaughtered in foreign slaughterhouses.

“The sea journeys involved are too long to be able to guarantee a satisfactory level of animal welfare and the conditions for animals in destination countries are often far below the minimum legal standards required in Ireland.”

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