August 1, 2021
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Wicklow council criticised over Traveller accommodation delivery

Wicklow County Council has been criticised for not committing to a plan which would see the provision of accommodation for Traveller families.

The criticism came from an extensive audit of Local Authority Development Programmes by the Irish Traveller Movement. The audit found that Wicklow council was one of five local authority areas that has not provided targets for the projected accommodation needs of the Travelling community.

The other local authorities that came under the spotlight are Meath, Cork City, Roscommon and Sligo.

A further eight local authorities have already admitted they will not be delivering on the targets set out in their latest 5-year Traveller Accommodation Programmes. These council areas are Meath, Cork County, Limerick City and County, Roscommon, Galway City, Monaghan and Louth.

The audit undertaken by the Irish Traveller Movement assessed the 31 local authority 5-year Traveller Accommodation Programmes adopted in December 2019, with the aim to see if local authorities are delivering on the projected needs of Traveller families set out in two Government commissioned reports, the most recent of which being the Traveller Accommodation Expert Review 2019.

That report made 32 recommendations to overhaul the delivery of Traveller accommodation nationally and concluded there was widespread under-delivery by local authorities.

Speaking on behalf of the Irish Traveller Movement, Bernard Joyce Director said: “Many of these Traveller Accommodation Programmes are not ambitious and lack real intent to address the national Traveller accommodation crisis.

“Local authorities have been inconsistent in responding to the worst national health crisis faced by state, where delivery of basic humanitarian supports was reluctantly given by some councils, at times slow to non-existent.  We have also seen a resurgence of Traveller evictions in recent weeks,” Mr Joyce concluded.


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