September 28, 2021

Wicklow gardai bust Dublin’s dumbest criminals while on Covid-19 patrol

Local gardai on Covid-19 patrol arrested a group of criminals who were driving around the Wicklow uplands in a stolen car high on cocaine and over the legal alcohol limit.

The hapless thieves stole the car in the captial before heading for the moutains.

However, they soon ran into officers who pulled them over and tested them for drugs and alcohol, which they failed.

Gardai soon discovered the car had earlier been stolen in Dublin.

A local Garda spokesperson took to social media to warn: “We are not gone away from crime detection.”

Referring to the arrests, they commented wrily: “Shoulda stayed at home. These geniuses decided to steal a car in Dublin, have some cocaine, drive around the Wicklow uplands and get caught by our Covid Measures patrol. Tested positive for cocaine and alcohol and ended up with a few charge sheets for dangerous driving on top of it all. Car back to grateful owner.”

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