January 23, 2021

Wicklow has highest rate of TB in cattle with 12.33% infected

Wicklow has the highest rate of TB in cattle for the whole country with 12.33% of all herds in the county infected, new figures show.

However, in terms of numbers, Wicklow has only a relatively small 380 infected cattle as the garden County Wicklow accounts for just 0.5% of the national herd.

An enlarged national herd is being blamed for bovine TB infection rates nationally reaching a six-year high last year, according to Department of Agriculture figures which show 4,060 herds infected with the disease, according to a report in the Irish Examiner.

The rate nationally has reached 3.72%, the third year in-a-row it has risen.

“It is likely that the expansion of the dairy herd since 2015 has played a role in this, since dairy herds, larger herds and herds which introduce more cattle are all more at risk of bovine TB breakdowns,” the department said.

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